As the world around us continues to change, ‘being creative’ becomes our most valuable assets as individuals, societies and economies.

Studio edwards practice model centres on ‘ideas incubation’ & the commitment to question, investigate & learn.

Importance is placed on being aware of what’s happening outside the four walls of the studio; being part of a larger network that includes designers, as well as individuals,  brands working within the discovery, innovation and technology sectors.

A culture of convergence brings designers and brands together to create something that has market value.

Each project considered as a life cycle or ongoing consideration.  Allowing for evolution and adaptability with scope for further refinement or adaptation to their current business model.

it’s not just about a top-down way of thinking about design; it’s about connection, bringing people together and identifying alternative ways to make projects happen. Making for excitement, new energies and a spirit of questioning and exploring whilst pushing excellence as standard

Outside knowledge, expertise and talent as a fundamental part of the design process & studio environment.

Be -it fabricators, branding agencies, consultants or younger & better designers. The aim being to stay an agile studio, a small core able to traverse, side step and explore. The contemporary designer connects not only people, but disparate elements such as products needing identity, brands needing a voice, spaces in the market and products that don’t yet exist but should.