Void House

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265 sqm
Fraser Marsden

Renovation of a double story Victorian terrace with the creation of a double story courtyard to the centre of the house. Full height continuous glazed panels provide light and visual connection to the internal spaces.  A new dining area to the rear connects the garden to its landscape, expansive glass sliding panels open up to the rear terrace. Central to the living area is a large steel framed window seat, angled to connect the living and dining space and at grand scale to frame the landscape beyond. A minimal palette of stained oak parquetry, local blue stone and dark mirrors unify the internal spaces.

The courtyard walls are angled to further enhance the external volumes, breaking down the linearity of the narrow site. They are designed to daylight and ventilate the interior, acting as additional circulation zones and open the interior to the garden creating constant views to and through the entire length of the house, making their open spaces appear as part of the interior.
Views to other rooms – which are all similar in terms of materiality and colour – make all the spaces seem connected, which in turn makes them look and feel bigger than they are. Retaining the existing structure of the house and fabric of the interior -exposing the existing brick wall, previous plaster work and sketches made on the walls during construction give a visual memory of the existing workers cottage providing a context for the home.

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