Today Pavilion

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Today Design
Carriageworks, Sydney
18 sqm
Elin Bandmann / Myf Garven

Developed as a space to “Pause, Reflect, and Contemplate” Today Pavilion was inserted into the humming milieu of Purpose Conference 2022, held in Carriageworks, Sydney. 

Adopting a completely circular design approach, the demountable and reusable Pavilion structure is comprised of steel scaffold that is spooled in thick, felted recycled denim.

Designed for Today, a B Corp certified strategic design agency, Today Pavilion is devised as a temporary, accountable architecture that reflects the ethics of the client and the design team. Adopting a completely circular design approach, the Today Pavilion structure and fabric were selected with anticipation of their next life as furniture elements and insulation in a commercial office interior currently under construction. In this context they are again designed to be disassembled and reused in future application. The properties of each material are imaginatively harnessed to create an intriguing building envelope with a distinct interior atmosphere. Scaffold poles allow the Today Pavilion to sit independent of the heritage building it is located within and are configured as both structure and seating. The recycled denim that wraps the structure works as an acoustic dampener between the hum of the conference and the ambient sound works presented in the Pavilion, a projection surface for video, a pin up board for Today messaging and a soft upholstery surface for seating. Together, the composition of these two readily available materials as transient architecture provide conference attendees with a memorable spatial encounter that encourages inhabitation, congregation, pause and reflection.

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