The Shrine Apartment

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55 sqm
Peter Bennetts

The innovative redesign of a 55m2 apartment creates interconnected living spaces with stunning views of the Shrine of Remembrance and Botanic Gardens. Skewed internal plans, angled walls, and reflective surfaces enhance the interplay between interior and exterior, while darkened and tactile surfaces create beautiful contrast.

The transformation of a 55m2 apartment into a series of interconnecting living spaces, strategically anchored around picturesque views of the Shrine of Remembrance and Botanic Gardens opposite.

The apartment’s internal plan, situated at third-floor level, is purposefully skewed, which creates an illusion of expansion and contraction when moving through the different spaces. 

An angled wall serves as the focal point, tapering from the entry lobby into the living space, loosely defining the kitchen and utility areas. Reflective and angled vertical surfaces enhance the interplay between the interior and exterior spaces, while a raised sisal floor plinth provides a comfortable sleeping area.

A darkened bathroom space, lined in bluestone, offers a stunning contrast to the sharp lines and tactile surfaces throughout the apartment. The elevated bathroom, with its sliding hatch, maximises outward views from the shower and bathtub, while the interconnecting bedroom wall enhances the fluidity of the space.

The apartment’s design highlights the strategic use of contrast, sharp lines, reflectivity, and tactile surfaces to create a continuous space that captures and reflects exterior views into the interior.

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