Bringing together leading creatives from art and design practices, furniture & product design. alt. material aims to instigate a fresh dialogue - the first of which, "Plasticity"  reflects on both material & it's latent properties.

Pushing design thinking beyond mere marketability. Addressing pressing issues of consumption, functionality & new materialities.

The exhibition runs from 5th-7th July at the Studio Edwards HQ in Collingwood.  

All pieces will be auctioned via dedicated Instagram page @alt.material with proceeds given to the Australian Marine Conservation Society and the Matthew Harding Family Support Fund

Auction / Info via  @alt.material 


The Designers

Andrew Simpson

Jonathan Ben-Tovim

Matilda Rutherford

Geoff Nees

Adam Lynch & Dale Hardiman

Liane Rossler

Sarah Gibson & Nick Karlovasitis

Paul Marcus Fuog and Uriah Gray

Ben Edwards

Adam Goodrum

Dylan Morgan

Mitchell Eaton and Nancy Ji


Adam Cornish

Tom Fereday

Chris Connell

Maddie Sharrock

James Walsh

Ross Didier

Ash Allen

Jeremy Blincoe

Cordon Sál

Adam Markowitz

Apple Huang

Michael Gittings