Floating Wetland

A floating wetland for the Yarra made from organic waste and mycelium mushroom. Purifying the river, collecting waste & providing habitat for wildlife.

The floating leaf-shaped wetland is made from a series of interlocking triangular shaped modules. These are made from a mixture of mycelium, obtained from mushroom roots & organic waste.

Improving water quality & providing diverse habitat for the Yarra River. Re-using waste building products to form a floating island that is shaped to capture surface waste

Above the surface

Native wetland plants such as
grown in growing medium on a floating mycelium & wood waste mixture. Over time plants develop to provide habitat to native birds such as coots, moor hens, swamp hens, reed warblers, golden whistlers & yellow thornbills

Below the surface

Plant roots extend into the water providing absorption of excess nitrogen & phosphorous. Plants such as sedge grass, reeds, glassworts, career appressa & marsh flower provide habitat for birdlife & native plants

Shortlisted entry for the Victorian Design Challenge 2019 / Image by Kevin Vang