Curated & facilitated by studio edwards
elasticity builds on the first plasticityshow held in 2018 & forms part of an ongoing body of work within the alt.material collective.
Inviting leading designers to create prototypes & experimental works. 

Elasticity will form part of Melbourne Design Week exhibiting works at 408 Smith Street, Collingwood from the 18th of March - 24th of March 2019.

Auction night RSVP only - on the 21st of March.
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The Designers

Adam Cornish

Adam Goodrum & Patryk Koca

Adam Markowitz

Andrew Simpson

Cordon Sál

Darcy Zelenko

Dean Gaylor


Dowel Jones

Elliot Bastianon

Geoff Nees & Matilda Rutherford

Jake Rollins

Jeremy Blincoe

Joe Chester

Jonathan Ben-Tovim

Liane Rossler

Luca Lettieri

Michael Gittings

Nüüd Studio

René Linssen

Ross Didier

Scott Lewis + Gabrielle Stephens

Shacre Studio


Studio Edwards

Studio Ole