Dispersed density

Medium density housing design for an existing notional suburban context .

The proposal is for an informal density adding two new housing types - triplets & long semi’s with a number of existing dwellings on the block retained so as to maximise housing diversity  & integration to existing housing types. 

Street setbacks are varied so as to create a more diverse quality of spaces between the plots. Adding a more intimate village like density whilst maintaining privacy and minimising overshadowing to adjacent plots. 

The two typical dwellings are 95 & 98m2 over two levels & with a building footprint of 75m2.  They can accommodate 2 bedrooms with a study space. Each dwelling has two bathrooms.

The long thin plan form allows for easy cross ventilation & where possible northern aspect is maximised with living areas adjacent to covered and shaded/ sheltered external living space. 

The pitched roof form is clad with heat reflective cost effective roof sheeting with generous gable & eaves overhangs  so as to provide vertical solar shading, comfortable external space & shelter. Adjustable opening & louvres provide a means to regulate the interior space

Through the varied street set backs the design creates increased intimacy for residents as well as providing privacy. 

The increased density and variation adds a village like atmosphere, breaking the monotony of the conventional suburban streetscape. This arrangement increases opportunity for interaction between residents adding vitality and energising the street.