Carlton Pavilion 

A 30m2 house for a rear garden to an existing terraced house in Carlton, Melbourne. 

At just 4m wide the pavilion hovers over part of the rear garden to allow for a car space and access upwards to conical living volume that looks out north-eastwards. The form  of the building is partly informed from calculating minimal shadows projected to adjoining properties.

As available space within city fringe locations becomes more scarce, property owners are maximising and improving their homes by not only renovating, but also through more entrepreneurial activities. 

One example is through building stand alone pavilion-type structures on rear garden plots that back onto laneways. 

Making it possible to access the space independently.  These spaces can be rented via platforms such as Airbnb, providing additional income as well as a means to champion innovative design. 

 The images are a  collaboration with Liltrix visualisations