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20 sqm
Peter Bennetts

Microloft is an exercise in contemporary, small-space living. Stripped back, reconfigured & crafted from sustainable, off-the-shelf materials, the 24m2 studio apartment located on the top floor of a 1980’s block in Fitzroy re-imagined as a series of overlapping surfaces & horizontal planes that imply kitchen, dining, living & sleeping zones.

As a solution for minimalist living in the closest of quarters, Microloft balances function and aesthetics to provide a home with ample storage, an efficient kitchen ­– with space for cooking and dining ­– comfortable lounge, and quiet sleeping zones that feel unified and are clutter free.

Ordered by a horizontal raw aluminium surface that expands & contracts to create dining and kitchen zones and extending through an existing brick archway into the sleeping area beyond, Microloft adopts minimal materials ­– OSB, raw aluminium, recycled denim and existing concrete – for custom built-in storage, furniture and linings to create continuity and offer the illusion of a larger space. The bed sits on a raised OSB plinth to maximise bedroom storage, while wardrobes wrapped in recycled denim sliding panels provide acoustic softening to the bedroom interior. Edges and thresholds are further blurred grey mirror that runs one edge of the living space above a datum defined by the aluminium dining / kitchen surface – acting to reflect the interior back onto itself. An angled wedge below the datum emerges from the wall to provide storage & further animate the space. Adjacent a built in sofa/day bed hugs the wall with book storage underneath.

Bookings available via airbnb

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